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About the COMPANY

We create worlds that you play

Zenith9 is a small indie game development team composed of active and dynamic professionals whose mission is to create small mobile games (PC and consoles, soon) that anyone can enjoy. Our vision is to spread the idea that some games don’t need to be expensive, and we can also still enjoy playing without paying.

We are living in a world where almost everything is automated. But we think that “idle” or “AFK” gaming is boring! We don’t support these fully automated games. We believe that games are meant to be played by humans, not the other way around.


Check out our awesome games

Avoid Captain!

An action-packed arcade where your little sailboat is on a quest to avoid obstacles falling from the sky. Prepare for some challenge!

(Coming Soon...)

A shooter game where the enemies are the most popular thing in the year 2020. Buckle up, destroy these creatures and save the world!


Our dungeon party


game dev | Design | DPS

The self taught game programmer and designer. Likes gaming, japanese anime and fast food.


Qa | marketing | Healer

A gamer girl who plays RPGs like there’s no tomorrow. Likes reading, manga and playing console games.


dev consultant | TANK

An elite programmer who can program anything he desires. Likes coffee, hiking and his dog.


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